Academic Books 2

Three not-so-recent academic books




This book presents an appealing introduction for students and all those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of key topics and debates within the fields of biogeography, ecology, and the environment. Revealing how life has and is adapting to its biological and physical surroundings, it stresses the role of ecological, historical, and human factors in fashioning animals and plant distributions and explores how biogeography can inform conservation practice



Topography is, in  a narrow sense, the ground surface and, in a broad sense, all of the Earth's surface features, natural and human-made. This book explores the role of topography in shaping environmental patterns and processes, looking at topographic influences upon climate, water, soils and sediments, and humans

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An overview of the relations between climate, Earth surface processes, and Earth history. Starting with an introduction to the concept of the world climate system, it examines the chief components of the biosphere – air, water and ice, sediments, landforms and soils, animals and plants, and biomes – in relation to climatic factors