Strange Books


The Multiversal Chronicles

The adventures of Kitty Strange, her friends and relations, in parallel universes:  a series of fast-paced and thrilling sci-fi books for middle-grade readers


book 1: strange ADVENTURE       out now as e-book. paperback £6.96! (

All is not well in the Multiverse. Kitty, her twin brother Toby, younger sister Sam, and best friends, twins Lizzie and Luke, are just back home after school. Then Sam and Luke vanish: there one second, gone the next.

Minutes later, Kitty, Toby, and Lizzie materialize in a parallel world, with just one clue as to where Sam and Luke are – and they’re in real trouble! What do they do next? 

Launch a rescue mission, of course – but in a hi-tech alien world where real and virtual are sometimes impossible to distinguish, with armed sentinels chasing them, will they be in time?



Lizzie had a swig of water and started looking round. “These must be the paintzappers,” she said, picking one off a long rack and going back to Kitty and Toby, who were studying Toby’s scan.


book 2: strange friends OUt Now as E-Book! and Paperback £6.96 (

It’s happened again! A week after their Aquaterran adventure, Kitty, Sam, Toby, Lizzie, and Luke get terrible news: someone has jumped five of their schoolfriends to Terraqua, another parallel Earth, and they need rescuing. But the schoolfriends think they’re Terraquan and have no memory of their lives on Earth, so how can they be persuaded to come home?

There are more shocks in store when they arrive: people from Aquaterra living on Terraqua; scary reports of their parents being imprisoned there. And then there’s Sacharissa Sable, a ruthless Terraquan business woman who wants to get to Earth using a jumping-machine she stole from two weird aliens. Can Kitty and her team rescue their friends before they become Terraquans for ever?

Kitty pulled back a fraction and her left arm went up, staring in horror at the nasty looking clawed feet that were about to rip down her front and the huge open mouth with sabre teeth sticking out that was about to take her head off.

Ebook cover final.png

book 3: STRANGE resorts out now as an e-book! and Paperback £6.49 (

The multiversal mix-up just got even worse. Shortly after their Aquaterran and Terraquan adventures, Kitty, Sam, Toby, Lizzie, Luke, Jemima, and Jessica get baffling news: copies of their parents are living somewhere on yet another parallel Earth called Gaea, so they set off on a parent-copy rescue mission.

Arriving on Gaea, there’s no sign of their parent copies but a puzzling number of Aquaterran and Terraquan copies. And what’s more, Cordelia and Corbin Crow, who own a vast galactic tourism empire, know who Kitty and the others are and start setting them challenges. But why? Who knows? All Kitty and the others can do is follow up clues, which lead them to an amazing virtual-cum-real experience in Zealandia World where the safety systems fail, so they are instantly in great danger, and things go from bad to worse.

As the three remaining Blues’ spacepods came at her, blasting her in her own spacepod, Kitty let rip with her zappers.